Hi! We are the 5^ class of “Fucini” school
in Castiglioncello, in Leghorn province.
Castiglioncello: sea landscape
Here is Amedeo Modigliani, a famous painter from
Leghorn (Leghorn 1884- Paris 1920)
Some of his paintings
Some of his sculptures
In his works, the artist is
inspired by the
portrait of the
Egyptian Queen
Indeed he reproduces
his subjects with
elongated necks.
We reproduced the following
painting: “The woman with the
The woman depicted
in this painting is
Jeanne Hébuterne,
also a painter and his
model which Modì fell
madly in love with.
Our work
• We divided the paper
into squares
• We copied the poster
while respecting the
We used the technique of pencil
…to exult the colours
The Exhibition

Salve! Siamo la classe 5^A della scuola “Fucini” di