Memorial Anna Grandolfi
ISU International Figure Skating Competition for
Senior, Junior, Novice (Ladies, Men)
Senior, Junior (Pairs)
Senior (Ice Dance)
Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) Italy
September 17 to September 20, 2015
Organized by
Club affiliato alla Federazione Italiana Sport Ghiaccio
The Lombardia Trophy 2015 is an ISU Competition. It will be conducted in accordance with the ISU
Constitution and General Regulations, the ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules for Figure
Skating as well as all pertinent ISU Comunications.
Organizer: ICE LAB
Place: Palasesto
P.zza Primo Maggio
20099 Sesto San Giovanni ( Milano)
(competition-ice-rink, 58 x 28 m)
Phone: +39 0224860344 +39 0226229988
Fax: +39 0226263773
Mob.+39 331 34 49 312
e-mail: [email protected]
Date: 17- 20 September 2015
Web site: www.ice-lab.it
Technical Data
All competition events and practice sessions will be held in Sesto San Giovanni at the Ice Rink
Palasesto. The Ice Rink is indoor and heated.
Senior Ladies/Men/Pairs/Ice Dance – Short and Free Program
Junior Ladies/Men – Short and Free Program
Novice Advanced Ladies/Men – Short and Free Program (rules as ISU communication 1947)
Each National Association may entry up to two (2) competitors for the Junior and Senior categories,
the organizer reserves the right to enter more competitors in each category.
Entries must be sent not later than Monday, August 17, 2015 to:
Federazione Italiana Sport Ghiaccio (F.I.S.G.)
Via Piranesi 46 - 20137 Milano
email: [email protected]
and to:
Mrs. Federica Manzoni Pesenti
Via Clara Maffei, 2 - 24121 Bergamo - Italy
e-mail: [email protected]
Entry fee:
The entry fees for all entries are as follows:
- Singles: 70,00 EUR/entry
- Pairs & Ice Dance: 120,00 EUR/team
Entry fees are required at time of final entries (not later than August 17th, 2015).
IBAN: IT22 I033 5901 6001 0000 0134 691
In case a skater has been entered in the competition but cannot participate, she or he can be replaced
by another skater in the same category if informed before the draw Participating associations are asked
to immediately inform of any changes in their entries by emailing [email protected]
Travel, board and accommodations expenses have to be paid by the participants.
Panels of Judges:
Each invited Member entering the competitors is entitled to nominate one (1) Judge.
The panel of Judges will consist of five (5) Judges (in the list of the international Judges).
The organizer will draw the panel of Judges after the closing of entries.
The concerned Member will then be notified of the result of draw.
The organizer will cover the expenses for meals and accommodation for all Judges.
For all invited TS, TC, DRO the organizer will cover the expenses for travel, meals and accommodation
beginning with breakfast on Thursday, September 17, 2015 until breakfast on Sunday, September 20,
Participants, coaches and other Team members have to book accommodation individually.
The organizer will provide the room arrangements only for the invited Referees, Technical Controllers,
Technical Specialists, Data & Replay Operators and Judges.
The official hotel is the Hotel Abacus, just 5 minutes walking distance to the Palasesto ice rink.
Sesto San Giovanni
Hotel Abacus
Sesto San Giovanni – Via Monte Grappa n° 39 - Tel. +39 02 26225858 - In front of Ice rink
Hotel St. John
Sesto San Giovanni – Via Buozzi, 97 - Tel. +39 02 2405641
Hotel Europa
Sesto San Giovanni – Via Firenze, 49 - Tel. +39 02 26225497
NH Hotel Milano Concordia
Sesto San Giovanni – Via L. Lama, 10 - Tel. +39 02 87367717
Hotel Nuovo
Rondò Sesto San Giovanni – Via Solferino, 5 - Tel. +39 02 22472558
Hotel Bert
Sesto San Giovanni – Via R. Del Riccio, 200 - Tel. +39 02 2482948
Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj
Sesto San Giovanni - Via Padovani 38 - Tel. +39 02 2411401
B&B Hotel Milano
Sesto San Giovanni – Via Ercole Marelli, 303 - Tel. +39 02 22471152
Best Western Falck Village Hotel
Sesto San Giovanni - Viale Italia, 598, - Tel. +39 02 24416760
Grand Hotel Duca di Mantova
Sesto San Giovanni – Piazza Francesco Caltagirone 40-48 (Centro Commerciale Vulcano)
Tel. +39 02 24989701
Cinisello Balsamo (3 km. far from Sesto San Giovanni)
Cosmo Hotel Palace
Cinisello Balsamo – Via F. De Sanctis, 5 - Tel. +39 02 617771
Holiday Inn Milano Nord
Cinisello Balsamo – Via Cornaggia, 44 - Tel. +39 02 61291728
Hotel Re
Cinisello Balsamo – Via Milanese 302 - Tel. +39 02 2412491
Hotel York
Cinisello Balsamo – V.le Marche, 19 - Tel. +39 02 6170281
Music and Planned Program Content Sheet:
All Competitors shall furnish competition music of excellent quality on CD format and all discs
must show the Competitor’s name, the Nation and the exact running time of the music (not skating time)
and must be submitted at the time of accreditation. Each program (short program, free skating, short
dance, free dance) must be recorded on one track and on a separate disc.
In addition, competitors must provide a back-up disc for each program.
The “Program Content Sheet” must be returned with the entry forms to the Organizing
Committee in time and it must be filled in precisely by each skater/couple in English using the
terminology for the elements listed in the respective ISU Communication.
Accreditation will take place at the Ice Rink Palasesto – Piazza 1° Maggio – Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
from Thursday, September 17, 2015, at least two hours before the beginning time of competition in
Judges Meeting:
The Initial Judges meeting will take place at the Ice rink, in the morning the day of the short
program / short dance for each category.
The RTD will take place as soon as possible after the conclusion of the competition for each category
The Judges Draws will take place, by computer, at the OC office after the closing of the entries.
No draw after short programs / short dance. Starting order, for free programs / free dance will be
according the inverse of the results of short programs / short dance.
Practice is only for the competitors who have indicated in the entry form their desire to participate in the
practice ice. No program music will be played during practice ice time. Practice fee is 15 Euro for 20
The calculation of results will be done according to ISU Technical Rules.
The first three best placed competitors in each event will be awarded by Medals at the end of the
Insurance / Liability:
In accordance with the rule 119, the Organizing Committee accepts no liability with respect to bodily or
personal injury or loss or damage incurred by Competitors and Officials.
Each ISU Member must expected to provide its own insurance protection.
The O.C. will provide emergency medical services for all invited Officials and Competitors during the
PROVISIONAL TIME SCHEDULE (subject to changes)
Novice Advanced Girls – short program
Novice Advanced Boys – short program
Junior ladies – short program
Junior men – short program
Novice Advanced Girls – free program
Novice Advanced Boys – free program
Junior Ladies – free program
Junior Men – free program
Senior Ladies – short program
Senior Men – short program
Pairs – short program
Ice Dance – short dance
Senior Ladies – free program
Senior Men – free program
Pairs – free program
Ice Dance – free dance

LOMBARDIA TROPHY 2015 - International Skating Union