Open or Fly? Fisherman or Tender? Lobster or…
From the sea passion a new boat concept was born, the boat that can be tuned according to the
different owner’s needs.
Bluegame boats are a new yacht idea that offers to the owner the possibility to always realize unequalled
pieces selecting among the different possible configurations in order to own the type of boat more suitable
to their needs and way of live their sea passion: Open dedicated to whom loves the thrill of the open air life,
the versatile Tender equipped with a third sun deck on the top, Hard-Top capable to offer the comfort of
an additional closed room on the deck, Fisherman for the lovers of the sport fishing, Caddy capable to be
tuned for any different need of life on board.
The design
Now a day, no product similar to the Bluegame is offered on the yachting international market, its design is
unique all over the world and it is defined “crossover” because it is “transversal” to the different style and
type of boat now existing on the market. The path leading to this result is growing directly from what, in the
automotive is represented by the SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) which at the same time can be a station
wagon, a jeep, a performing car, crossing transversally what once upon a time were completely separate
sectors peculiar of different type of cars (city car, sedan, coupe, station wagon, etc.) The “customizing”, on
the contrary, is joining different winning aspects which, in the car sector, are represented by the Mini, the
500, and, most of all, by Harley Davidson, customizing means the possibility to configure the product and
always obtain a unique piece absolutely recognizable.
Bluegame is the meeting poiny among different need and wishes of the market to day, the only capable to
offer an Open boat having a Fisherman keel joint with the possibility of a boat with closed Hard-Top but
equipped with the walk-around.
Bluegame is a boat having the top of stability degree with excellent sea capabilities. It is dedicated to a high
level people and sea expert who want to own an absolutely uniqe boat to be managed without crew also.
Bluegame Philosophy
Bluegame was born from an idea of Luca Santella, sea architect but, above all, Olympic sailor and excellent
sea expert. He wanted to accept the challenge to design a brand new type of boat helped in his work by
Carlo Bonomi, many times Offshore champion.
The design philosophy supporting this new boat idea is joining some aspect of top importance such as the
safety guaratee (thanks to a keel uniqe in the world) and the comfort thanks to large open living
spaces, the top customing of the outside and inside layout and the use of the best production
technologies such as the infusion and of the best raw materials such as carbon and steel.
The result is a walk-around boat, comfortable, safe, chic in terms of design, designed for medium-long
range trip also, but, above all suitable to live in direct contact with the sea to amuse indeed.
Each different
Bluegame 47’, as all the Bluegame fleet models (such fleets to be completed soon with a 57’ and a new
entry level) can be configured in more than 2.500 versions thank also to the possibility to choose high level
accessories such as the three different type of the top. The base version can, in fact, be tuned in different
top, inside, deck and top configurations which, mixed each other joint with the possibility to select different
colours for the keel and for the top, grant always to the owner to the possibility to obtain the unique piece.
Open: day cruiser version for one day trip
T-Top: an accessory that, beside supporting the radar, allows to extend the
utilization period of the Open version, offering a sun repair or, thanks to the cover,
for the evening.
Tender: this version offers the advantages of a third sun deck located in the upper
part of the cover, so granting open space never seen in a boat of this dimension
Fisherman: sport version with the suitable lowered deck which can be completed
with the tuna tower fitted on the steel pipe structure. The large afterpeaks are
utilized for the fishing materials, while those under the “little beach” are in tanks for
the “live” or for the “fished”.
Hard Top: version available with closed overstructure capable to offer the comfort
of an additional repaired space to better face external too low or too high
Caddy Boat: very large deck spaces which can be utilized in several different ways,
to support jet-ski e “water games” or to be fitted with comfortable seats and chaiselongue.
Really never ending solution…
Toy: Tender version with Caddy deck for the water toy
Race support boat: Fisherman base equipped with Hard-Top
Best marine characteristics
The common element. practically the only fix component of the Bluegame project, is the keel shape which
design has been entrusted to Louis T. Codega, expert in ocean going high performance fishing keel. The
keel is showing a well balanced construction inspired to the working boat and showing a high stem and a
low stern The keel is deep V shaped in full resin piena, the keel is flat in the after in order to allow a dry
and stable sailing and the best sailing condition in bad weather condition also.
Walk-around deck
Blugame 47’ deck offers large spaces dedicated to the open air life (24 sq/m in teak) and an easy walkabilty
from stern to after along the lateral walkways which are, in turn, well protected by the high handrails. Such
lay out allows easy and safe passage form stern. The large rear “liitle beach” is perfect for the most various
water activities.
Luxury interior and accessories
Even if, watching for outside, someone can think that the Bluegame 47’ is dedicated to the open air life only,
the inside volumes are capable to offer a good privacy to a crew composed form 2 to 8 persons for long stay
on board also. Bwlow deck, the interiors are fresh and lighty made in ash, teak, fabric and mat.
Big yacht accessories
The central cockpit is in carbon and resin, it is elevated to allow a 360° visibity. It is protected by a screen
and equipped with touch screen instrumentation. The on board plants are relaized with superior-class,
materials usually utilizes on 70/80’ boats only. Furthermore the air inlet for the motor room are located at
the walk-around level and not on the keel.
The production
The first Bluegame have been built at Cape Town, South Africa, a leading country for the construction in
carbon fibre. To day they are built in Italy in Carrara where the l’headquarter also is located
First Bluegame can be found in particularly prestigious places al around the world such as Portofino, S.
Tropez, Ft. Lauderdale, Casa de Campo in Repubblica Dominicana, Palma de Mallorca.
Bluegame 47’
LOA: 14,22 mt
WIDTH: 4,55 mt
WEIGHT: 13,80 t
MOTORS: Cummins 670
’MAX SPEED: 36,5 kn
RANGE: 300 Miles
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