Dr. Maurizio Signorini
Web site: www.studiodentisticosignorini.it and
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype contact: doctorsign
Tel: +39 0119242039
Mob. Phone: +39 3345445732
St. Giuliano str. n°13 -10070- Barbania (TO) Italy
Place of birth:
08/09/1968 Parma (PR) Italy
University of Pavia faculty of Medicine
Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis.
Curriculum Vitae:
I graduated in 2006 with a thesis in oral surgery called “jaw cysts,
diagnosis and treatment”.
Before that I have been a Dental Technician for twelve years with my
dental technician laboratory and over the last five years of that period, I
was also a student of dentistry.
I opened my first dental surgery in Barbania in 2007 starting to practice
all the dental specialties with particular dedication on advanced oral
surgery, guided bone regeneration, implantology, with continuing parallel
research activities.
All the dental procedures carried out in my surgery are performed with
the aid of a magnifying optical system and the use of autologous platelet
concentrates and their growth factor is routine in all surgical procedures.
Since 2006 I have attended about 100 postgraduate up dating courses
and congress in all branches and I am qualified to use a defibrillator in the
case of medical emergency (having attended a BLSD certification course).
I deal to esthetic medicine of the lower third of the face, using volumizing
resorbable fillers to correct blemishes directly linked to the mimic facial
In 2008 I have been assistant for six month in the main Dr. Francesco
Martelli’s microdentistry clinc in Florence.
In 2011 I became an active member of AIOM (Italian Academy of
Microscopic Dentistry) and speaker at the National Congress for the
same. In the same year I was speaker at the National congress of Italian
Odontostomatology Cenacle and the Italian general dentistry association.
In 2012 I was the only not Universitary Professor speaker at the National
Congress of SIDCO (Italian society of oral surgery). In the same year I have
been speaker at the National Congress of Beneath Academy.
In 2013 I held with Dr. Massimo Mazza, my first course of microscopic
dentistry for the Odontostomatology Cenacle of Bologna. In the same
year I have founded with Dr. Massimo Mazza the Microscopic Dental
Club, international scientific association for spread and knowledge of
microscopic dentistry.
Signorini M., Incardona M.G. Treatment of a hemangioma of the
vermilion of the lower lip with the use of laser ND yag. Doctor Os, June
Signorini M.
Microscopy in Dentistry. Teamwork Clinic, September 2014

Dr. Maurizio Signorini Odontologyst