1. What is the capital of Italy?
A. Florence
B. Venice
C. Rome
D. Milan
2. Where is the capital?
A. Campania
B. Sardinia
C. Veneto
D. Lazio
3.What is the capital city
of Sardinia?
A. Sassari
B. Nuoro
C. Oristano
D. Cagliari
4. What is the longest river in
A. Coghinas
B. Pò
C. Ticino
D. Adige
5. Which is the highest
mountain in Italy?
A. Cervino
B. Monte Rosa
C. Monte Bianco
D. Gennargentu
6. Which is the largest plain
in Italy?
A. Tavoliere delle Puglie
B. Campidano
C. Pianura Padana
D. Piana di Albenga
7. Which is the largest island in
A. Sicily
B. Sardinia
C. Ischia
D. Tremiti
8.Which is the largest volcano in
A. Etna
B. Vesuvio
C. Stromboli
D. Amiata
9. Which Italian city is
known as the ‘Eternal City?’
A. Milan
B. Florence
C. Rome
D. Genoa
10. The Uffizi Gallery is one
of the oldest museums in
the world. In which Italian
city can it be found?
A. Catania
B. Rome
C. Verona
D. Florence
11. Where is the Vatican City?
A. Ragusa
B. Rome
C. Sirmione
D. Trieste
12. Where is the Arena?
A. Salerno
B. Bologna
C. Milan
D. Verona
13. Which year saw the
Unification of Italy?
A. 1661
B. 1761
C. 1861
D. 1961
14. Where is the Trevi’s
A. Rome
B. Treviso
C. Napoli
D. Palermo
15. Where is Giulietta’s
A. Teramo
B. Verona
C. Mantova
D. Rimini
16. By which Italian
renaissance artist was ‘La
Gioconda’ painted?
A. Raphael
B. Leonardo da Vinci
C. Caravaggio
D. Michelangelo
17. Who painted the Sistine
Chapel in Rome?
A. Leonardo da Vinci
B. Raphael
C. Michelangelo
D. Caravaggio
18. Who is Francesco Totti?
A. A dancer
B. A footballer
C. A singer
D. A swimmer
19. What is her name?
A. Claudia Cardinale
B. Monica Bellucci
C. Isabella Rossellini
D. Sophia Loren
20. Who is the president of
the republic?
A. Enrico De Nicola
B. Sergio Mattarella
C. Giorgio Napolitano
D. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
21. Who is Ligabue?
A. A footballer
B. A dancer
C. A singer
D. A swimmer
22. This is a traditional
Italian dessert, but what is
it called?
A. Panna Cotta
B. Cannoli
C. Tartufo
D. Tiramisù
23. What are the two main
toppings on a Pizza
A. Cheese and tomato
B. Cheese and chips
C. Tomato and wurstel
D. Cheese and onions
24. When did Italy adopt
the Euro?
A. 1998
B. 1995
C. 2000
D. 2001

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