Sevilla 2007
Edoardo De Blasio
City of Pescara - Italy
Since 1999 In April 1999, with the approval of the Charter of
Ancona, the Municipality of Ancona and A.N.C.I. (Italian National
Association of Municipalities), started up the Forum of Adriatic
and Ionian Cities & Towns.
· Peace
· Democracy and liberty
· European Union
· Increasing the value of the Adriatic culture which has a
millenary roots
To create, through the engagement of the TWO COASTS
with the theme of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
ACI – Adriatic Common Indicators
1. Water
2. Biodiversity
3. Climate change and air quality
4. Land use patterns
5. Local mobility system
6. Waste management
7. Availabilty of local public spaces and services
8. Population, education, safety
9. Contacts and relationships
10. Employement and enterprises
The technical specifications for the collection and elaborations
of data are contained in the Aap Guidelines, also available on
Adriatic Action Plan 2020
Ionian and Adriatic Cities and Ports Joint Cooperation
The project aims at encouraging, particularly in the
South European area, the conception, exchange
and implementation of good practices in the field
of preparation of Urban Environmental
Management Plans, as expected by the Call for
Proposals published in the Official Journal n° C20 of
24/01/2004 under a Community Framework (point 2,
2.2, ii) and by the Communication from the
Commission to the Council (COM(2004) 60 final).
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Edoardo De Blasio
City of Pescara - Italy
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City of Pescara