Introductory lecture
CFD equations and boundary conditions. Numerical methods.
Discretisation issues. Finite element modelling.
Application to practical problems.
Dates and Location
23 Jan, 9:00/13:00, 14:00/16:00
24 Jan, 9:00/13:00, 14:00/16:00
Aula Catello Savarese, Departement of Engineering, Centro Direzionale Isola C4, Naples
Prof. Nithiarasu is a very active researcher in the area of computational biomedical
engineering, computational mechanics and computational fluid dynamics.
Prof. Nithiarasu has led and developed a patient-specific modelling platform for carrying
out cardiac and respiratory flow studies in Swansea. His research is mainly funded by
EPSRC, RS, Leverhulme Trust and NISCHR.
Co-author of nearly two hundred publications, Prof. Nithiarasu coordinates the
computational biomedical modelling activities with the clinical colleagues in and
around Swansea.
He co-edits International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering and
co-chairs three international conferences.
Prof. Nithiarasu is Head of the Civil and Computational Engineering Centre.
Ph.D . E SE
Energy Science and

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