3 Edition
10:00 - 10:15 Welcome KeyNote
10:30 - 11:30 User Stories and Planning Game
11:45 - 12:45 Ruby <3 .Net (English session)
12:45 - 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 - 15:00 Domain Driven Design
15:15 - 16:15 Advanced unit test in real world
16:30 - 17:30 Acceptance Test (Fitnesse)
17:30 - Closing and Prizes
• All sessions are in OpenSpace format
– The speaker starts the discussion
– Everyone is invited to talk, use the keyboard, ask
and answer to questions
– Is more a discussion than a normal one-way
exposition of concepts
• Share your knowledge ;-)
Where’s my money?
• Thank you for your donations
• Collected: 168€
• Expenses:
– Flight: 110€
– PayPal commissions: 8€
– Stationery: 10€
• We have 40€ remaining, which will go to an
OpenSource project in the .NET space.
Open Source Projects
• CastleProject
• RhinoMock
• mbUnit/Gallio
• Ninject
• Spark View Engine
Thanks to...
• Everyone who helped in the organization
• Ivan Porto Carrero
• Everyone in this room:
Luca Cerabona Gianluca Simone Busoli Maccari Claudio Simone Chiaretta Roberto Valenti Matteo Baglini Massimo
Oliviero Mauro Servienti gianluigi calcaterra Andrea Armellini Ivan anselmi Scrivani Giovanni Matteo Emili
Emanuele DelBono Giancarlo Valente Alberto Casu Ivan Porto Carrero Nicolò Carandini Luigi Bozzo Schiabel
Roberto Jacopo Franzoi Antonio Ganci Daniele Armanasco Enrico Sada Lorenzo Moretti Alessandro Melchiori
Andrea Angella Andrea Dallera Claudio Gandelli Michele Capra Antonio Francesco Valerio Buccoli Antonio
Carpentieri Luca Milan Giuseppe Dimauro Maria Teresa D'Alessandro Fabrizio di Cesare Pietro Brambati Andrea
Chiarini Stefano Tessarin Gian Marco Gherardi Omid Ehsani Federico Eric B Paolo Stefano Leli Stefano Benedetti
Simone Malvassori Massimiliano Mantione Gianluca Fabio Montanari Alessandro Poluzzi Dario Santarelli Martino
For the new people out there
• April 2007 - David Laribee forges the ALT.NET
• October 2007 – UgiALT.NET goes live
• February 2008 – First mini-conf (11 people)
• June 2008 – Second medium-conf (~50
• Today – Third conference (50+ people)
UgiALT.NET: What’s?
• UgiALT.NET is a group of geeks that love the
ALT.NET philosophy
– A mailing list to discuss
– A meeting every (about) six months
– Nothing else
What’s the meaning of ALT
• ALT != Being Alternative
• ALT == Having Alternatives
• Traditional UserGroups are “about
• More important is:
– OOP Base Principles
– Development Processes and Methodologies
– Alternative Tools
– Enjoying our job
ALT.NET Manifesto
– You use what is best for your job, but always look for
way to improve
– You look at the World outside Microsoft to try and get
what’s best from each World: Agile, Java, RoR, …
– You seek for continuous improvements: code can be
better, process can be better, tools can be better
– You know that tools are important, but alone are not
enough. Principles and knowledge are the real
important factors. The best tools are the ones that
help applying the principles.

ALTNETConf - intro