Henry Wallis (1830-1916), Elaine Floats Down to Camelot
Briton Rivière, British, 1840 - 1920
Elaine - `The Dead Steer'd by the Dumb Went Upward with the Flood', from 'Malory's Morte d'Arthur'
Evelyn Pickering De Morgan, Cassandra
Anthony Frederick Sandys,
George Romney, Lady Hamilton as Cassandra
John Everett Millais. Isabella 1848–9
Oil on canvas, © National Museums Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery
William Holman Hunt Isabella and the Pot of Basil 1866- 68
• Donne con “deviazioni” sessuali:
Satan in Society by Francis Nicholas Cooke, 1870. The temperament of
women exposes her to the most singular inconveniences and
inconsistencies. Extreme in good, she is also extreme in evil. She is
inconstant and changeable; she "will" and she "wont". She is easily
disgusted with that which she has pursued with the greatest ardor. She
passes from love to hate with prodigious facility. She is full of
contradictions and mysteries. Capable of the most heroic actions, she
does not shrink from the most atrocious crimes.
HELENE E. ROBERTS, “Marriage, Redundancy or Sin: The Painter’s
View of Women in the First Twenty-Five Years of Victoria’s Reign,”
in Suffer and Be Still, ed. Martha Vicinus (Bloomington, Indiana
University Press, 1972; reissued, London: Methuen, 1980).
Summer Moon. Frederic Lord Leighton, P. R. A. (1830-1896). Oil on canvas.
Albert Moore Yellow Marguerites 1841
Albert Moore The Dreamers, 1882
Summer - Sir William Reynolds-Stephens 1891
• La seduttrice, donna misteriosa e crudele
(sirene, incantatrici, maghe, ecc)
Tennyson, D.G.Rossetti, G. M. Hopkins,
Swinburne, Chastelard: A Tragedy (1865)
A strange-haired woman with sad singing lips,
Cold in the cheek like any stray of sea,
And sweet to touch; so that men seeing her face,
And how she sighed out little Ahs of pain
And soft cries sobbing sideways from her mouth,
Fell in hot love, and having lain with her
Died soon.

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