XII edizione
6th – 28th November
Furio del Furia Gallery, Carbonaia Hall
Dreams seen as desires. Dreams of growth, of revival, of a better future, or simply dreams of the opportunity
of actually having a future. Dreams and dreamers are the protagonists of the XII edition of Foianofotografia.
Once again we travel the world to tell stories. Stories of individuals and peoples, of sorrow and hope. The
theme of dreams and desires, will be on show with its various meanings and nuances. The photographers
share with us their visions and memories, moments that were may be dreamed a moment before and then
actually lived. Desires of women trapped in bodies that lead to (maybe) fame but sure loneliness; pain of the
memory of a war and the hope of putting an end to the search for a name: travels between the imaginary and
the real of men and women who make accessible for us worlds otherwise unknown. The exhibitions will be
accompanied by several events including the Foianofotografia award that will be given to the best reportage
presented during the portfolio reviews. And furthermore two special prizes offered by the group Posse Photo
and Spazio Labo’ - center of photography. Once again, screenings and multimedia exhibitions will enrich the
festival of new forms of expression and interpretation of dreams and reality.
Casta Diva – Emanuele Cremaschi (Luz)
Diario – Various Authors (cured by Maurizio Garofalo)
Dusha, Russian soul – Davide Monteleone (Contrasto)
Greenland, disappearing Ice Age – Andrea Gjestvang (Moment) (Joop Swart Masterclass)
Haiti, the melancholy of shadows – Moises Saman (Magnum)
Stories in 3 shots – Various Authors (cured by Carlo Madesani and Eva Zamboni)
The Bosnian Identity – Matteo Bastianelli (winner of the first edition of Foianofotografia award)
Whatever – Beatrice Mancini (Posse Photo)
Fotoclub “Furio Del Furia”
Americanisthan - Guy Calaf
Tears and Saints - Liliana Constantin
Back and Forth - Matteo Bastianelli
Less than #1, Border Stories - Alexander Gronsky
Belarus free theatre - Alessandro Vincenzi
Louvre Invisibile - Francesco Acerbis
Children’s Dream - Jake Price
Violent Naples - Claudio Morelli, Francesco
Forest Steppe, Unification, PR-Russia,
Russian Lux - Valeri Nistratov
Pipe Dreams - Rena Effendi
Iran June 2009, On Teheran’s roof tops
Lunch with the dead - Carlo Gianferro
- Pietro Masturzo
A year with Rearviewmirror - RVM
Kivu, between religion, superstition and madness
Undesired - Walter Astrada
- Marco Gualazzini
Trasmigrations - Alfredo Bini
Saturday 6th November - Furio del Furia Gallery - from h.17:00
Opening with the local authorities, the photographers, Valerio Paterni (Director of the Photo-club Furio del
Furia) Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo (Artistic Director of Foianofotografia), Eva Zamboni (Vice Artistic Director of
Foianofotografia) Marcello Fatucchi (Culture alderman of Foiano della Chiana), Marta Posani (Posse Photo),
Laura De Marco and Roberto Alfano (Spazio Labo’). Aperitive with Posse Photo e Spazio Labo’.
Screenings and visit to the exhibitions.
Dinner with the artists.
Sunday 7th november - Fra’ Benedetto Square - from h.11:00
Portfolio reviews: h.11-13, h.15:30-18:30 Furio del Furia Gallery.
Marta Posani (Posse Photo), Daria Bonera (DB Agency), Maurizio Garofalo (Art Director), Marco Pinna
(National Geographic), Anna Zekria (Photographer.ru), Irene Alison, Luca La Vopa, Giammaria and Valeriano
De Gasperis (Rearviewmirror), Laura De Marco and Roberto Alfano (Spazio Labo’), photographers on show.
After the portfolio reviews 3 prizes will be awarded:
Furio del Furia award: the winner will be awarded 500€ and an invitation to attend with an exhibition the next
edition of Foianofotografia.
Grow Up award: For photographers under 30 years old. The group Posse Photo will follow the winner for six
months in the development and implementation of a project, from conception to the final editing.
Labo’ Award: the winner will attend for free the workshop “Photography and representation of the
environment” with Luca Capuano at Spazio Labo’ in Bologna.
Fotoclub “Furio Del Furia”
Artists on show:
Francesco Acerbis (Signatures)
Andrea Gjestvang (Moment)
Walter Astrada (Reportage by Getty Images for
Alexander Gronsky (Photographer.ru)
Alexia Foundation)
Marco Gualazzini (Parallelozero)
Matteo Bastianelli (winner of the first edition of
Beatrice Mancini (Posse Photo)
Foianofotografia award)
Pietro Masturzo (Kairos Factory, winner of the
Alfredo Bini (Cosmos)
Premiere Award of the World Press Photo 2009)
Guy Calaf
Mimì Mollica
Massimiliano Clausi (Posse Photo)
Davide Monteleone (Contrasto)
Liliana Constantin
Claudio Morelli (Daria Bonera)
Emanuele Cremaschi (Luz)
Valeri Nistratov (Photographer.ru)
Mauro D’Agati
Francesco Pischetola (Daria Bonera)
Stefano De Luigi (VII network)
Jake Price
Giulio Di Sturco (VII mentor program)
Moises Saman (Magnum)
Rena Effendi (Photographer.ru)
Alessandro Vincenzi (Posse Photo)
Carlo Gianferro
Fotoclub “Furio Del Furia”

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