Cirrus SR22 Turbo
TOUR e Viaggi di lavoro
AIR4U offre alla clientela gli enormi vantaggi del volo privato a prezzi accessibili.
Volare con i nostri aerei, oltre ad essere relativamente economico, è il lasciapassare per trascorrere un fine settimana nel
modo più piacevole e vario, raggiungendo agevolmente località marittime, montane o culturali altrimenti non godibili in
un normale weekend.
TOUR and Business trips
AIR4U offer customers the great advantages of private fly at competitive prices.
Flying with our aircrafts, besides being cheap, is the passport to spentd your week ends as you like, to reach easily seaside resorts, mountain places and/or cultural centres otherwise not possible to do it in one week end with normal transport.
Тур и VIP рейсы
AIR4U, мы предлагаем нашим клиентам огромные преимущества частных рейсов по доступным ценам.
Летать нашими самолетами - это экономически выгодно, это возможность провести необыкновенные выходные,
Вы с лёгкостью достигнете морские курорты, горы или иные исторические места, до которых весьма сложно
добраться на обычном транспорте.
The flight is in one day, with aircraft type
«Cirrus SR22 Turbo»
Departure from Verona and return; rates ** Verona / Lago di Garda
Phenom 300
€ 660,00* duration 45’
€ 1450,00*
Saint Moritz
€ 1450,00*
€ 3080,00*
Cannes / Saint Tropez
€ 3600,00* Costa Smeralda
€ 3600,00* Isola d’Elba
€ 2150,00* Pilatus PC12
* VAT and Taxes excluded
** MAX 3 passengers
In according to your requests, we can offer different
types of aircrafts.
1- Fast and comfortable!
2 - Always at the best price!
For quotation: [email protected]
ITA: +39 334 9457946 RUS:+ 7 915 1022337 UA:+380632042047 E-mail: [email protected]
Sede Operativa: Aeroporto Boscomantico - Verona - ITALY
Pilatus PC12 interior

The flight is in one day, with aircraft type «Cirrus SR22 Turbo