Dipartimento di Fisica
Sincrotrone Trieste
New science with new 'eyes':
opportunities and challenges using free electron laser radiation
1st TIMEX project collaboration meeting
Camerino 29 - 30 settembre 2008
Palazzo Ducale - Sala della Muta
The development of novel sources for the generation of femtosecond
pulses in the UV/x-ray range of unprecedented peak brilliance, opens new
opportunities for scientific and technological research in a broad field of
disciplines including material science, structural biology, physics, chemistry,
medicine and nanotechnology.
FERMI@Elettra (Free Electron laser Radiation for Multidisciplinary
Investigations at Elettra) is a single-pass FEL user-facility covering the
wavelength range from 100 nm (12 eV) to 10 nm (124 eV), presently under
construction next to the third-generation synchrotron radiation facility
ELETTRA in Trieste, Italy.
Lunedì 29 settembre
Apertura del convegno
Saluto del Rettore UNICAM
Seminari scientifici
Martedì 30 settembre
Riunione dei partecipanti al progetto TIMEX
The event features a series of seminars giving a general presentation of the
ELETTRA laboratory, the FERMI@Elettra project and an overview of the main
scientific opportunities and research proposals.
Among those, the TIMEX project, recently funded through a collaboration
between Sincrotrone Trieste and the University of Camerino, for the design
and construction of an end-station to investigate metastable and/or excited
states of matter under extreme conditions.
The instrument will exploit the unique intensity and energy of the
Fermi@Elettra FEL beam for an efficient ultrafast heating of most bulk-like
dense samples, in two classes of experiments: 1) creation and investigation
of warm dense matter (WDM); 2) phase transitions occurring in metastable
states under extreme conditions.
G. Paolucci
Sincrotrone Trieste
M. Svandrlik
Sincrotrone Trieste
D. Cocco
Sincrotrone Trieste
C. Masciovecchio Sincrotrone Trieste
F. Bencivenga
Sincrotrone Trieste
A. Di Cicco
Università di Camerino
A. Trapananti
Sincrotrone Trieste/Università di Camerino
Andrea Di Cicco - Università di Camerino - [email protected]
Angela Trapananti - Sincrotrone Trieste/Università di Camerino - [email protected]
UNICAM Nucleo ideazione e realizzazione grafica, settembre 2008

Camerino 29 - 30 settembre 2008 - GnXAS