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“Migration from a national, European
and global perspective”
Giorgio Cini Foundation
Island of San Giorgio Maggiore - 30124 Venice
Official Hotel:
Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky Giudecca, 810 - 30133 Venezia
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Thursday, 12 June 2008
2.30 –3.00pm
Press conference
Arrival of participants: Welcome coffee
3.10 – 3.20pm
Welcome addresses by Massimo Cacciari, Mayor of Venice
Dieter Rampl, Chairman of UniCredit
3.20 – 3.30pm
3.30 – 3.50pm
Joseph Chamie, Director of Research at the Centre of Migration Studies, former Chief
Demographer at the United Nations, USA
Round Table 1: “The European migration policy in the new world order”
All Member States of the European Union (EU) are affected by the international migration’s flow. They have agreed to
develop a common immigration policy at EU level. The main objective is to better manage migration flows by a
coordinated approach which takes into account the economic and demographic situation of the EU.
The movement of people across borders is reshaping world politics. This panel could put the attention on the increasing
importance of external dimension of migration and asylum policy due to changed border relationships within and between
EU Member States. It could distinguish between types of borders and identify key patterns in the post-cold war migration
policy of Europe, analyzing the development of new forms of international migration relations between EU States and their
Introductory remarks
3.50 – 4.10pm
Demetrios Papademetriou, President and Board Member of Migration Policy Institute, USA
4.10 – 6.00pm
Debate (4 main speakers on stage and participation of the audience since the beginning)
Chair & Moderator:
Massimo Livi Bacci, Senator and Professor, University of Florence, Italy
Brice Hortefeux*, Ministry of Immigration, France
Renato Ruggiero, Ambassador, Chairman of the International Advisory Board of UniCredit,
Senior Advisor and Member of the European Advisory Board of Citigroup, Italy
Ayman Zohry, Expert on Migration Studies, Egypt
Wolfgang Petritsch, Austria's OECD Permanent Ambassador, France
María Consuelo Rumi Ibanez*, Secretary of State for Migration and Immigration, Spain
Alfredo Mantovano*, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Home Affairs, Italy
Closing Remarks
6.00 – 6.30pm
Mircea Geoana, former Foreign Minister of Romania, President of the Social-Democrat Party,
Cultural event
Welcome cocktail
Concert: L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
Buffet Dinner
(* to be confirmed)
Simultaneous translation to English is guaranteed
Friday, 13 June 2008
8.15 – 8.30am
Round table 2:
Welcome Coffee
“Identity, Security and Migrant’s Rights”
Immigration is an international phenomenon that affects all Member States of the European Union. Reasons for migration can
vary between the need to escape poverty, inequality and conflict, the desire to pursue better work and educational opportunities,
or even wanting to live in a cleaner environment or better climate. People often migrate for a combination of reasons and in
sometimes complex circumstances. EU Heads of State have recognized that a common approach is necessary to mange
migration and they have decided to harmonize national legislation on immigration to regulate migration flows in line with the
needs of the economy and the ability of the EU to absorb and integrate new immigrants. The integration of immigrants in EU
Member States is one of the greatest challenges facing the common immigration policy and a key element in promoting
economic and social cohesion within the EU.
8.30 – 8.50am
Introductory remarks
Adel Jabbar, Iraqi sociologist and Professor, expert in migration and intercultural processes,
University of Turin, Italy
8.50 – 10.30am
Debate (4 main speakers on stage and participation of the audience since the beginning)
Chair & Moderator:
Philippe Fargues, Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Consortium for Applied Research on
International Migration (CARIM) at the European University Institute, Italy
Rotimi Adebari, Mayor of Portlaoise, Intercultural Consultant for Optimum Point Consultancy,
Zanna Zajonckovskaja, Director of Migration Research Laboratory Russian Academy of Sciences,
Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, Writer, Italy
Giovanna Zincone, Professor of Political Sociologist at University of Turin, Director of FIERI
(International and European Forum of Migration Research), Italy
10.30 – 10.45am
Round table 3:
Coffee Break
“Economy and migration: the role of businesses for a sustainable development”
The point of view whereby immigrants are seen as agents for economic growth and reduction of poverty is growing at both the
State and private level, and, specifically, within the financial system. This round table would bring some examples of good
immigrants’ integration into the European Labor and Financial markets and some examples of successful companies set up by
immigrants. Moreover, one of the most important factor driving development has been identified as remittances. Remittances
perform a social function of primary importance for developing countries, as they are often the only source of support for most of
the families of workers who have emigrated abroad.
10.45 – 11.05am
Introductory remarks
Magdy Maged Mohamed Moussa, Director, Middle East of PlaNet Finance, Egypt
11.05 – 12.30am
Debate (4 main speakers on stage and participation of the audience since the beginning)
Chair & Moderator:
Massimo Ghirelli, President of Immigration Archives, Italy
Don Virginio Colmegna, President of the “Casa della Carità - Angelo Abriani” Foundation, Italy
Anu Peshawaria, Lawyer and Founder of Business Service for Immigration, USA
Roberto Nicastro, Deputy CEO of UniCredit Group, Italy
Thomas McCarthy, President of Ghanacoop, Ghana
12.30 – 1.00pm
To be defined
1.00 – 2.00 pm
Buffet lunch
Ibrahim AWAD, Director of the International Migration Branch of ILO, Switzerland
Tajeddine BADDOU, Ambassador of Morocco in Italy , Italy
Giorgio BARBA NAVARETTI, Professor of Political Economy at Milan University , Italy
Fabrizio BARCA, General Director and Ministry Counsellor for Finance and Economy Ministry, Italy
Marc BECKERS , Group Identity and Communications, UniCredit S.p.A, Italy
Boris BEGOVIC, Economist and Vice President of CLDS and Professor of Economics at the School of Law, University
of Belgrade, Serbia
Jan BIELECKI, Ceo Bank Pekao, Former Prime Minister of Poland, Member of the Board of EBRD , Poland
Aldo BONOMI, Director of A.A.ster, Italy
Vittorio BORELLI, Director of East, Italy
Carlo CASTIGLIONI, President of CESTIM, Italy
Fabrizio CORICELLI, Director of Policy Studies European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Kingdom
Alessandro DALAI, President of Baldini, Castoldi, Dalai, Italy
Matteo DANESE, Officer of CESTIM, Italy
Pier Virgilio DASTOLI, Director of the European Commission Representation in Italy, Italy
Oscar DE BONA, Alderman for Migration Flows Policies – Veneto Area, Italy
Paul DE GUCHTENEIRE, Chief International Migration Section United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization, France
Giovanni DE MICHELE, Head of Commercial department of Media Line, Italy
Luca EINAUDI, Economist, Historian and Officer of Council Presidency, Italy
Udo ENWEREUZOR, Coordinator of the Rights Area for citizenship at COSPE, Italy
Giovanni FACCHINI, Coordinator of Migration for d'Agliano Study Center, Italy
Anna FRANZETTI, Member of Naga, Italy
Barbara FRIDEL, Development and Liaison Officer at IOM, Italia
José GALVEZ, Director of Impresa Etnica, Italy
Carlos GAMARRA, Vicepresident of PROMCOPI, Italy
Mohamed Ashraf GAML ELDIN RASHED, Ambassador of Egypt in Italy, Italy
Marina GERSONY, Writer, director and Journalist of Culture, expert in Immigration, Italy
Pier Francesco GHETTI, Magnificent Chancellor of Cà Foscari University, Italy
Antonio GOLINI, Professor of Demography at La Sapienza University, Italy
Paolo GUERRIERI, Professor and Vice President of IAI – International Affairs Institute, Italy
Omar GUETARNI, Director of the economic department for the Algerian Embassy in Italy, Italy
Modou GUEYE, President of Sunugal Association, Italy
Levon HAMPARTZOUMIAN, CeO of BulBank, Bulgaria
HAMPEL, Head of New Europe Division of UniCredit Group, Austria
Sergey KARAGANOV, Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, Russia
Aleksander KWASNIEWSKI, Former President of Poland, Poland
Lily-Amber LAILA WADIA, Linguistics Specialist partner Trieste University, Italy
Carmine LAMANDA, Head of Institutional and Regulatory Strategic Advisory, UniCredit Group, Italy
Guido LENZI, Ambassador ret, Italy
Guglielmo LOY, Secretary of Migratory Policy Department – UIL, Italy
Rolando MAGNANO, « Médecins sans Frontières », Belgium Departement in Italy, Italy
Francesco MARGIOTTA BROGLIO, Human Right Comittee of S.I.O.I., Italy
Pietro MASSAROTTO, President of Naga, Italy
Carlo MELEGARI, Director of CESTIM, Italy
Enrico MESSORA, President of Arcadia Coop. Soc., Italy
Giovanni MORO, President of Fondaca Foundation, Italy
Mojmir MRAK, Professor of International Finance at Ljubljana University, Slovenia
Viorica NECHIFOR, Piemondo Project – Foreign Journalists Association, Italy
Alessandro OLIVETTI, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Turkish H. Consul General in Venice, Italy
Fabrizio ONIDA, Professor of International Economy at Bocconi University, Italy
Fernando ORLANDI, President of Eastern Europe History Study Center, Italy
Alessandro OVI, Director of Technology Review, Italy
Gerardo PELOSI, Journalist for “il Sole 24 ore”, Italy
Lapo PISTELLI, President of the Ideas Commitee of Input, Italy
Paolo POBBIATI, President of Italian Department of Amnesty International, Italy
Antonio PURI PURINI, Ambassador of Italy in Berlin, Germany
José Luis RHI SAUSI Director of CESPI, Italy
Gino RIGOLDI, President of Comunità Nuova, Italy
Renato RUGGIERO, Former General Director of WTO, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Former,Italy
Farian SABAHI, Professor of Politic Sciences at Turin University, Italy
Roberto SANTANIELLO , Director of Italian Representation at the European Commission, Italy
Lucio Alberto SAVOIA, Ambassador of Italy in Dublin, Ireland
Klaus SCHMITZ, Social Affairs Counsellor for the Germany Federal Republic Embassy in Italy, Italy
Giuseppe SCOGNAMIGLIO, Member of the Italian Diplomatic Service, Head of Institutional Affairs of UniCredit Group,
Adrian SEVERIN, Observer Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Bruxelles
Donato SPERONI, Journalist and Professor of Economy and Statistic at IFG Urbino, Italy
Danilo TAINO, Journalist for Corriere della Sera, Italy
Emmanuel TANO ZAGBLA, President of Migration Services International, Italy
Lorenzo TRUCCO, President of ASGI, Italy
Karel VAN MIERT, Former European Competition Commissioner, Belgium
Juan VELASQUEZ QUISPE, President of COPEI, Italy
E.Sylvester VIZI, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Hans WOLTERS, Deputy Director of European Council on Foreign Relations, United Kingdom
Volodymyr YATSENKIVSKYI, Consul General of Ukraine in Milan, Italy
Massimo ZORTEA, President of VIS, Italy

“Migration from a national, European and global perspective