Scientific Committee
F. Cozzi (Milano, Italy)
M. d’Ischia (Napoli, Italy)
A. Guarna (Firenze, Italy)
G. Romeo (Messina, Italy)
C. Trombini (Bologna, Italy)
IASOC 2014
is supported by
Organizing Committee
S. Pedatella - Secretary (Napoli, Italy)
F. Cermola (Napoli, Italy)
M. De Nisco (Messina, Italy)
P. Manini (Napoli, Italy)
F. Temussi (Napoli, Italy)
International Advisory Board
R. Caputo (Napoli, Italy)
A.M. Echavarren (Tarragona, Spain)
S. Florio (Bari, Italy)
A. Fürstner (Mülheim, Germany)
C. Gennari (Milano, Italy)
R.H. Grubbs (Pasadena, USA)
S. Hanessian (Montréal, Canada)
Y. Hayashi (Tohoku, Japan)
M. Prato (Trieste, Italy)
R.J.K. Taylor (York, UK)
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche,
Università degli Studi di Napoli
Federico II
European Association
for Chemical and
Molecular Sciences
Ischia Advanced
School of Organic
Organic Chemistry:
Products, Processes,
September 21–25, 2014
Albergo della Regina Isabella
Lacco Ameno - Ischia (Na)
Sunday, September 21
20:30 Welcome Party
12:00 Tutorial session
J. Du Bois (Stanford, USA)
“Metal-catalyzed synthetic transformations”
Monday, September 22
09:00 Chairperson: S. Florio (Bari, Italy)
E.-i. Negishi (West Lafayette, USA)
“Recent advances in the catalytic asymmetric carbon-carbon
bond formation – conquering one of the last bastions
in organic syntheses”
10:15 C. Jacob (Saarbrücken, Germany)
“Organochalcogen compounds in chemistry and biology:
from antioxidant activity to complex redox modulation
and intracellular signalling via the cellular thiolstat”
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 C. Nativi (Firenze, Italy)
“Self or non-self: the carbohydrate tumoral markers”
16:15 Coffee break
16:45 Tutorial Session
Y. Hayashi (Tohoku, Japan)
“Metal-free catalyzed synthetic transformations”
20:30 Chairperson: C. Gennari (Milano, Italy)
Young fellow contribution: S. Harutyunyan (Groningen,
The Netherlands)
”Enantioselective synthesis of chiral tertiary alcohols
enabled by copper(i) catalysis”
21:00 Discussion leader: C. Gennari (Milano, Italy)
Open session
15:00 Chairperson: R. Riccio (Salerno, Italy)
C. Lerner (Basel, Switzerland)
“Adventures with COMT inhibiton“
16:15 Special Tutorial Session
P. Gölitz (Basel, Switzerland)
“The secrets of scientific publishing: angewandte chemie
and the chem. pub. soc. europe journals as an example“
17:00 Coffee break
17:30 Poster Session
Tuesday, September 23
09:00 Chairperson: C. Trombini (Bologna, Italy)
M. Amat (Barcelona, Spain)
“Chiral tricyclic lactams as versatile scaffolds for
the synthesis of alkaloids”
10:15 T. Ooi (Nagoya, Japan)
“Asymmetric catalysis of designer chiral organic ion pairs”
11:30 Coffee break
15:00 Discussion leaders: S. Hanessian (Montréal, Canada), and
J. Maxwell (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston, USA)
Special Session “Molecules are us”
D.C. Blakemore (Pfizer, Cambridge, UK)
P. Gloanec (Servier, Suresnes, France)
16:30 Coffee break
17.00 S. Hadida (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, USA)
P. Tagari (Amgen, Newbury Park, UK)
20:30 Chairperson: S. Florio (Bari, Italy)
Young fellow contribution: L. Bernardi (Bologna, Italy)
“Asymmetric cycloaddition, proton transfer, and domino
reactions: a unified view involving stabilisation of charge
separation with bifunctional organic catalysts”
21:00 Discussion leader: S. Florio (Bari, Italy)
Open session
Wednesday, September 24
09:00 Chairperson: G. Romeo (Messina, Italy)
D.J. Dixon (Oxford, UK)
“Exploring and exploiting new reactivity with novel classes
of high-performance multifunctional cooperative catalysts“
10:15 M.J. Krische (Austin, USA)
“Formation of C-C bonds via catalytic hydrogenation
and transfer hydrogenation“
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 J. Du Bois (Stanford, USA)
“Natural products research“
15:00 Chairperson: Y. Hayashi (Tohoku, Japan)
H. Waldmann (Dortmund, Germany)
“Biology oriented synthesis“
Thursday, September 25
Chairperson: A. Guarna (Firenze, Italy)
T. Carell (München, Germany)
“Epigenetic DNA bases beyond Watson and Crick”
A.J. Wilson (Leeds, UK)
“Adventures in non-covalent chemistry:
from self-assembly to protein surface recognition”
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 G. Bifulco (Salerno, Italy)
“Quantum chemical calculation of NMR parameters
in the stereochemical determination
of organic compounds“
15:00 Chairperson: R. Caputo (Napoli, Italy)
P. Scrimin (Padova, Italy) (R. Curci Memorial Lecture)
“Chemistry at the nanometer scale:
from molecular recognition to catalysis”
16:15 Coffee break
16:45 S. Hanessian (Montréal, Canada)
“Proximity-induced effects in chemistry and biology: from
conception to discovery”
18:00 Closing remarks
20:30 Farewell Party

Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry Nature