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Scientific research provides a framework of
"what works, under what circumstances".
How to help schools become more evidence-informed?
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A. Calvani (Chair - University of Florence), G. Bandini (University of Florence), L. Bigozzi (University of Florence),
G. Bonaiuti (University of Cagliari), D. Capperucci (University of Florence), L. Chiappetta Cajola (Roma Tre
University), R. Cardarello (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), L. Cottini (University of Udine),
P. Federighi (University of Florence), D. Ianes (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), C. Maltinti (Ministry of
Education, University and Research), M. Orsi (Ministry of Education, University and Research), A. Parola
(University of Turin), A. Peru (University of Florence), G. Pinto (University of Florence), M. Ranieri (University of
Florence), D. Robasto (University of Parma), R. Trinchero (University of Turin), A. Valenti (Calabria University),
G. Vivanet (University of Cagliari), T. Zappaterra (University of Florence).
20 November - AULA BATTILANI, via S. Reparata 27R, Firenze
01:30 pm Conference registration
02:15 pm Welcome and opening reception.
Chair: A. Calvani. Introduction to the conference
02:45 pm G. Vivanet: What is Evidence Based Education (brief synthesis)
03:00 pm D. Masters (Visible Learning): Evidence based teaching and learning - what we can learn from
the Visible Learning research.
04:00 pm M. Bell (Evidence Based Teachers Network): EBE and teachers training. The Evidence Based
Teachers Network.
05:00 pm Coffee break
05:10 pm R. Trinchero: Scientific evidence and widespread teaching practices: focus on points of
conflict. G. Zanniello: Perspectives of evidence-based research: critical points and connections
with the history of experimental teaching in Italy.
05:50 pm Discussion
06:30 pm End of the session
21 November - AULA 4 - Via Laura, 48, Florence
The introduction of EBE culture in the Italian educational research: potential and critical issues
09:00 am Creating a network between University and School: what kind of role should have Sapie?
Chair: G. Bandini. Contributions: G. Bonaiuti, L. Cianfriglia, C. Maltinti, L. Menichetti.
Contributions of schools: A. Bergamo, R. Carraresi, S. Cavari, S. Niccolai, M. Vacca.
10:45 am Coffee break
11:00 am
Contribution of dott. R. De Pasquale.
Head of Department of education and training system - Ministry of Education
11:15 am Working to improve evidence-based teaching in schools
Chair: D. Capperucci. Contributions: M. Orsi, A. Parola, D. Robasto. Contributions of schools:
B. Bucciolini, A. Franci, S. Gestri.
12:45 am Lunch break
02:00 pm Evidence based education and special education: to take stock of the situation.
Chair: T. Zappaterra. Contributions: L. Bigozzi, L. Chiappetta Cajola, L. Cottini, D. Ianes,
A. Peru, A. Rizzo, A. Valenti.
04:00 pm Teaching and EBE. Which perspectives?
Chair: A. Calvani. Contributions: M. Baldacci, G. Ferrer-Esteban, A. La Marca, F. Landriscina,
P.G. Rossi, R. Trinchero.
06:00 pm Meeting SApIE members
08:00 pm Conference dinner
The conference is sponsored by SApIE (Società per l’Apprendimento e l’Istruzione informati da Evidenza the Italian Society for learning and instruction informed by evidence) that aims to create a community,
composed by educational researcher and school professionals, interested in improving teaching practice,
informed by the best available evidence.
The participation at the conference is free, but, given
the limited number of places, please register filling the
module on the website
Organizing Committee: E. Guerin, S. Micheletta,
C. Moricca, M. Pellegrini.
INFO: [email protected]

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