Second SITES/IDEAs Annual Conference
Società Italiana degli Economisti dello Sviluppo (SITES)
Italian Development Economists Association (IDEAs)
Florence (Italy), 24-25 September 2015
c/o University of Florence
DISEI (Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Economia e l'Impresa)
Via delle Pandette, 32 - 50127 Firenze
With the financial support of
IRC -Office of Research of Unicef – Florence
DISEI – Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence
DEM – Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento
Scientific Committee of the Conference
Giovanni Andrea Cornia
University of Florence
Simone Bertoli
University of Auvergne
Giulio Cifarelli
University of Florence
Marcello D’Amato
Vito Peragine
University of Salerno
Office of Research of Unicef Florence, and University of North
University of Bari
Federico Perali
University of Verona
Sudanshu Handa
Organizing Committee of the Conference
Giuseppe Folloni
Giorgia Giovannetti
Donato Romano
University of Trento
University of Florence and European University Institute (EUI)
University of Florence
Conference Topics and Keynote Speakers
Inequality and growth
François Bourguignon, Paris School of Economics
Financial Crises & Regulation Stephany Griffith Jones, IDS-UK and Columbia University
Impact Evaluation
Eliana La Ferrara, Bocconi University
Migration and Development
Hillel Rapoport, Paris School of Economics and EUI
The sequence of the four sessions will be decided on the basis of the submissions received, the
papers selected, and the time availability of the keynote speakers. Every session foresees the
presentation of four papers. Parallel sessions will be organized if the number of submissions
accepted will be sufficiently large. Conference language will be English.
Tentative program of the Conference:
Thursday 24th September 2014
Arrival and registration
Conference Opening
Welcome by the Director of the DISEI, University of Florence, Prof. Gaetano Aiello
Opening statement by the President of SITES/IDEAs, Prof. Giovanni Andrea Cornia
10:00 First session
Lunch break
Second session
Conference dinner
Friday 25th September 2014
09:00 Third session
Lunch break
Fourth session
Conference closure
For the registration to the Conference:
you must be a member of SITES/IDEAs, or apply for membership when submitting your
paper. To apply to SITES/IDEAs click
Membership fees are as follows:
Juniors (PhD students and post-docs)
€ 30
€ 60
- You can pay the above Membership Fee on the same website click
or (cash only) when registering at the beginning of the conference.
For all participants – members and non members of IDEAs/SITES – the Conference
Registration Fee is 40 €. People registering to the conference have access to a folder with
info material, pen-drive with the papers selected, access to all sessions and coffee breaks.
To register fill the registration form attached to this file, and send it by e-mail (in pdf
format) to [email protected] by September 15th, 2015.
Paper Submission
All those interested to present a paper at the Conference have to send by June 10 2015 a text of it,
to both the following addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
By June 30 the Scientific Committee of the Conference will inform the authors of the papers that
have been accepted for presentation at the Conference. As noted above, the people whose papers
are accepted must be members of SITES/IDEAs or – alternatively – pay a contribution of 60 Euros
(the annual membership fee), either before the Conference, or during the registration. In any case
they must register to the Conference
Formatting Instructions for Submitted Papers
Manuscript must be submitted in English and in Microsoft Word (.doc) format or in LaTeX;
Manuscript must be maximum 40 pages long, all included;
Manuscript must include an abstract of 200 words maximum, up to 5 keywords and JEL
classification (;
Use 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1.5 space for all material, references and tables and 2 cm
Complete contact information of the corresponding author must appear only on the cover;
Enumerate Section Headings by Arabic numbers using ALL CAPS. Leave one black line before
and one after each Section. Write Subsection Headings in lower letters courier.
Leave one black line only before the Subsection
Tables and figures must be included within the text and enumerated consecutively using Arabic
numbers. Place both Tables and Figures captions above them and the legend below.
Use only essential mathematical notations and number formulae consecutively;
Footnotes rather than endnotes should be adopted. Use 10 pt Times New Roman font, 1.0 space;
References must be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript.
Other Information
Social dinner
The Social dinner will take place on Thursday 24 September at 20.30. The cost of the dinner is 40 €.
You can reserve a place using the registration form, or informing the organizers on arrival.
The conference will not make hotel bookings, and accommodation costs are not included in
conference fees. Florence is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Therefore, early bookings
are highly recommended.
Find below the list of some hotels, B&B and residences, that are 15-20 minutes walking distance
from the conference venue.
Hilton Garden Inn Florence Novoli ****
Via S. Pertini, 2/9, 50127 Firenze
Starhotels Tuscany ****
Via di Novoli 59, 50127 Firenze
Nilhotel ****
Via E. Barsanti 27 a/b, 50127 Firenze
Cosmopolitan Hotel ****
Via F. Baracca 187, 50127 Firenze
Hotel Raffaello ****
Viale G. Morgagni 19, 50134 Firenze
B&B Hotel Firenze Novoli ***
Viale A. Guidoni 101, 50127 Firenze
B&B Hotel Firenze Nuovo Palazzo Di Giustizia ***
Viale A. Guidoni 87, 50127 Firenze
B&B da Mila
Via del Ponte all’Asse 16, 50144 Firenze
B&B A-A Armonia e Accoglienza,
via Tagliaferri 40, 50127 Firenze
Quadra Key Residence
Residence: Via R. Bardazzi, 49, 50127 Firenze
Villa Aruch
Apartaments: Via della Villa 5, 50127 Firenze
Villa Lucrezia
Apartments: G. Puccini 5, 50144 Firenze
How to reach the conference venue
The conference venue is at the Department of Economics and Business - Polo di Scienze Sociali,
University of Florence - Via delle Pandette 9, building D6 – 50127 Florence - IT
Second Annual Conference
Florence, September 24-25
Department of Economics and Business
Polo di Scienze Sociali, Università degli Studi di Firenze
via delle Pandette 9, building D6 – 50127 Firenze
Registration form
(to be sent by September 15th)
First Name
Family Name
Mobile phone
Conference Registration and Attendance Fees
SITES-IDEAs membership fee (compulsory)
Already paid
To pay
Conference attendance fee (compulsory)
Social dinner (if you decide to attend it), per participant
30 € (junior)
60 € (senior)
40 €
40 €
_______ €
I’ve paid ________ € through bank transfer to:
Società Italiana degli Economisti dello Sviluppo
c/c 05/03/55991 presso Cassa Rurale di Aldeno, filiale di Trento, via Verdi
IBAN IT 26 W 08013 01802 000050355991
Yours Faithfully,
Date: __________________
Signature: ___________________________
Fill and sign the module, with the declaration of the payment done, and send it (in pdf format) by
September 5th to: [email protected]

Second SITES/IDEAs Annual Conference