In the morning James gets up to see snow falling. He
runs into the garden as fast as he can and he starts to
make a snowman
He gives him a scarf and a hat, a tangerine for a nose,
and lumps of coal for his buttons and his eyes.
What a wonderful snowman he is! James can’t go to
sleep because he is thinking about him.
In the middle of the night he goes down to see the
snowman again. Then suddenly… the snowman moves!
“Come in” says James “but you must be very quiet.”
The snowman is amazed by every thing he sees.
They even go into James’s mother and father’s
And the snowman puts on their clothes
Suddenly, the sowman takes James by hand and
runs out of the house, across the snow,
And up, up into the air. They are flying
James and the snowman fly for miles through
the cold night air
Then they land on the snow, in the garden
James gives the snowman a hug and said good
In the morning he is woken by the sun shining
on his face
He must see the snowman again! James runs
out of his bedroom, down stairs
Across the living room, past his mother and
…and into the garden.
True or false? answer
1) it’s snowy in the morning.
2) James starts to make a reindeer.
3) he puts a scarf and a hat
on his snowman.
4) the snowman has an onion as nose.
5) In the night the snowman cries.
6)The snowman comes inside the house
7) James and his snowman fly in the sky
8)In the morning the snowman has
True or False
True or False
True or False
True or false
True or False
True or False
True or False
True or False
Answer the questions
1) What’s the boy’s name?
2) What color is the snowman?
3) What is the snowman wearing?
4) What does the boy do in the night?
5) What does the snowman do when he sees the boy?
6) Are they friends?
7) Where do they fly?
8) What does James do in the morning?is
9) Is the snowman in the garden again?

The Snowman (Il pupazzo di neve) è un libro, ma anche un cartone