Dylan Zimmerman
Dylan Zimmerman
 The green on the Italian’s flag stands for the
 The white stands for the snow Alps.
 The red stands for
the blood shed in
the Italian
Independence War.
•Country: Italy
•Capital: Rome
 There is 60 million people as of 2009
that lived in Italy
 Italy is ranked 23 largest country
in the world
 Most of the People in Italy are Catholic.
Catholic people believed that God lived on the earth as a
human being. Catholics believe that God died for all the
people on the earth.
 Italy’s main language is Italian!
 Hello: Ciao
 How are you?: Come sei?
 Please: Per Favore
 Thank you: Grazie
 Do you speak English?: Te speek Inglese?
April 25 is the Festa della
(Liberation Day)
Pizza originated from Italy as a
street food
 A major tourist attraction in Italy is their capital, Rome
 People visit Rome for its architecture and works of art

ITALY - Dylan Zimmerman