The Arbëreshëhe
The Arbereshe or Albanian from
Italy are an ethnic and linguistic
language minority . They established
in Italy after the Ottoman-Turkish
We can find these minorities in our
region, Basilicata, as well as in
Calabria, Molise, Sicilia and Puglia.
They are very characteristic people:
They have peculiar costumes and
traditions different from the rest of
the country. In particolar they have
maintained their language and their
Orthodox-Greek religious rite. In
Basilicata there are five communities
representing this minority and they
are: San Costantino, San Paolo,
Maschito Ginestra and Barile. These
communities are situated in the
North and South of Basilicata.
San Paolo
San Costantino Albanese
Shën Kostandini Arbëreshë
in arbereshe is a small
village of only of 75 people
living in the province of
Potenza. It is set in Val
Sarmento, in the heart of
Pollino.National Park. The
territory around the city is
prevailing mountainous.
San Costantino is set in a
very important naturalistic
area, it presents different
characteristics typical of
Mediterranean shrub. It is a
very picturesque little village
and it offers a lot of
possibilities: we can do
excursions in mountain and
not too far from the
inhabited centre there is an
adventure park.
Pollino with “wings”
One of the main
attraction of San
Costantino and in
general of all Basilicata
is “Il volo dell’angelo”.
“Sky flyer” is the
technical name of the
deltaplane. It takes the
passengers from the
summits of the
mountain down to the
valley where San
Costantino lies.

The arbresche presentation