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Massimo Pellegrino
Associate Partner
Novembre 2012
Massimo Pellegrino è responsabile in PwC della practice di IT
Ha lavorato in Hewlett-Packard come WW Vice President della
business unit Enterprise Information Solutions e,
precedentemente, in Teradata come Vice President dell’area Sud
Europa, Medio Oriente e Africa.
Nel corso degli anni ha approfondito in modo particolare le aree
di Information Management, Business Intelligence, CRM, Cloud
Computing, Social Media così come l’analisi e la progettazione di
modelli di business legati all’utilizzo di tecnologie innovative.
novembre 2012
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Local and Linear Thinking
novembre 2012
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Exponential Thinking
First half of board: 100,00 kg of rice
Entire board: 461,168,602,000 tons
A heap larger than Mount Everest
novembre 2012
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Technology Evolution– Linear Plot
novembre 2012
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Technology Evolution – Logaritmic Plot
novembre 2012
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Exponential Growth: The Moore’s Law
novembre 2012
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The “Network” Metaphor
novembre 2012
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Global Trends
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Global Power Shift: Sources of Growth
novembre 2012
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Global Power Shift: Sources of Growth
novembre 2012
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Global Power Shift: Sources of Growth
novembre 2012
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Global Power Shift: Sources of Growth
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Global Power Shift: Demographics
novembre 2012
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Global Power Shift: Population Growth
novembre 2012
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The Digital Universe
novembre 2012
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New technology trends are re-shaping any
business ecosystem
New technology trends are deeply changing the ecosystem in which companies
compete: consumers are leading mass technology adoption for enhanced shopping
experiences and enterprise are forced to adopt new business models.
Key trends shaping the new ecosystem
gains prominence
Social media and
On demand
Exponential adoption
of Smartphone and
Tablets is reshaping
the way the Internet
is consumed, and
creating a new blend
of digital and
physical experiences.
The increasing
adoption of Social
Media, at a personal
and company level, is
shifting people’s
social behavior to the
online, digital world.
Service Oriented
architectures are
blending with Cloud
delivery models, for a
new way to consume
IT at a personal and
company level.
Big data
An increasing gap
between the volume,
variety and velocity
at which information
is produced and the
ability to analyze it is
giving rise to a new
analytic approach.
Internet of things
Small Integrated
Circuits are
everywhere, adding
intelligence and
connectivity to almost
Companies must leverage Technology trends to become agile, enable innovation, create operating
efficiency, enter new markets, increase customer loyalty and gain ground against competitors.
novembre 2012
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Social Networking and Mobility
novembre 2012
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Big Data and the Internet of Things
novembre 2012
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The R&C revolution is driven by the demands and
behaviors of the Digital Consumer
What do we mean by Digital Consumer?
Consumers build their own ,
cross brand, multi channel,
trans-national shopping
journey, thus creating a demand
for a seamless multi channel
Empowered prosumer
Consumers form an intelligent
crowd challenging authorities,
experts and companies. They
ask for an open dialogue, and
want to participate in shaping
the product and services.
One market
Customer have increasing
confidence in trading in a
global market from
anywhere, anytime, and
expect the local firms to be
competitive with global
Loyalty issue
Technology has lowered the
barriers to churn, and
customer loyalty is a prize for
the few Brands and Retailers
who will provide a seamless,
high quality multichannel
experience (and lock-in).
Social Influence
Consumers ask their inner
circles to validate their buying
decisions, and use social
networks to engage with
Brands. Social Shopping is
starting and promsing.
By using diverse mobile devices,
consumers find or receive
dynamic deals right at the point
of sale, and compare prices
online, blending online and
offline channels.
novembre 2012
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novembre 2012
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A New Species: The Makers
novembre 2012
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3D Printing
novembre 2012
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What can you do with 3D Printing?
novembre 2012
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Personal Genomics
novembre 2012
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We are making data science a sport
novembre 2012
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Exponential Collaboration
novembre 2012
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Nokia sensing X Challenge
novembre 2012
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Grazie per la vostra attenzione.
Massimo Pellegrino
[email protected]wc.com
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Global Power Shift: Sources of Growth