The PhD program in Information Technology at DEIB
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Chair of the PhD program in Information Technology
November 18th, 2013
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
1. DEI Organization
2. Research areas
1. Systems and Control
2. Electronics
3. Computer Science and Engineering
4. Telecommunications
Titolo Presentazione
3. PhD Organization
4. Administration
5. Contacts
6. The Alumni Association
7. SmallProfessori
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e
Bioingegneria - DEIB
 The Politecnico di Milano is one of the top European technical
Universities in Architecture, Design and Engineering.
 The Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria is
Politecnico’s largest department, very active in research at
international level
- European research projects
- international research networks
- research published in international journals and conferences
- international and national patents
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Facilities (former DEI)
Via Ponzio (Milan) ed. 20
Via Rimembranze di
Lambrate (Milan) ed. 33
Via Golgi,40 (Milan) Ed. 24
Via Golgi, 42 (Milan) ed. 22
Spino d’Adda
Satellite Station
c compatibility
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
DEIB’s People (2013): staff by role
770 people
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Research areas in Information Technology
Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics,
Telecommunications, Systems and Control
within the
Dipartimento di Elettronica,
Informazione e Bioingegneria
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Computer Science and Engineering
Chair: Prof. Tanca
PhD vice Chair: Prof. Bonarini
Research Areas
Computer architectures
Advanced software architectures
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Data management systems
Method and Technologies for Web Development
Communication and Multimedia
Information Systems
Performance Evaluation
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Chair: Prof. Lacaita
PhD vice Chair: Prof. Geraci
Research Areas
Circuits and Systems: theory and
Single-Photon Detectors and
Radiation Detectors and Low
Noise Electronics
Electronic Circuit Design
Electron Devices
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Systems and Control
Chair: Prof. Savaresi
PhD vice Chair: Prof. Piccardi
(from Jan 2014, Prof. Lovera)
Research Areas
Analysis and Management of
Environmental systems and Land Use
Automation and Control of Plants,
Machines and Networks
Vehicles Control
Nonlinear Dynamics
Optimization in the Design and
Management of Networks
Advanced Techniques for Identification
and Control
Optical and Electronic Measurements
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Chair: Prof. Tubaro
PhD vice Chair: Prof. Monti
Research Areas
Applied Electromagnetics
Information Transmission and
Radio Communications
Optical Communications
Wireless and Space
Remote Sensing
Signal Processing for Multimedia
and Telecommunications
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
PhD in Information Technology at Polimi
• First PhD degree in Italy started in 1985
• (1 Nov. 2013: start of XXIX cycle)
• PhD School of Politecnico di Milano
18 PhD programs
Central coordination
• PhD In IT
16% of the students of the School
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
PhD students in IT at DEIB - 2013
• 193 enrolled students (37 foreign)
• 46 titles awarded
Distribution according to Dept. areas
Systems and
Control - 39
Electronics 43
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Science and
Engineering 75
cations - 36
The PhD in IT at DEIB
• PhD thesis: an original research contribution
• advanced education by means of courses, seminars, summer
schools, “minor” research, …
• opportunity of experience abroad, participation in
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
The PhD program
PhD program duration: 3 years
(with possible extension to a
fourth year)
• All DEIB teaching activities
in English
• 30 credits courses (typ. 6
courses x 5 credits)
• ≥15credits from DEIB
• 5 credits from courses of
the PhD school
• ≤10 credits (2 courses) may
be from external PhD
courses, Summer Schools..
• all courses with evaluation
During the PhD program
a limited teaching activity
(≤ 40 hours/year) is also possible
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
PhD students activities
PhD Thesis
(≥ 2 years)
Courses* (30 credits)
Activities without
**Seminars, conferences, courses without
evaluation, Minor research activity, ...
(all contribute to student curriculum, to be
agreed with Tutor)
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
*Advanced courses (30 credits):
- DEIB courses (≥15 credits), all in
English (20 hrs + coursework)
- one course of PhD School mandatory
(5 credits)
- two courses (≤10 credits) may be
external (or Summer Schools)
PhD students activities
Advisor: research direction
Tutor: advice and study plan approval
 Within Department research areas -> Find the advisor in your research
 Involvement in research projects (basic and applied research)
 Develop new research ideas -> publish papers, present them at
conferences – aiming at excellent research results
 Write your thesis
 Period of activity outside Politecnico (e.g. abroad) is highly encouraged,
but not mandatory. Economical support is available.
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Study plan presentation:
- Select courses as soon as possible (see list available on PhD
site at DEIB, look also courses by foreign professors)
- Approval by tutor
- Enter info in Polimi information system. Available windows:
- 2013
• now till end 2013
- 2014
• four windows (see web site for dates)
– if strictly necessary, you may follow a course and enter it in the study plan
afterwards (inform the Tutor, be aware of registration issues)
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Some hints for study plan
 Insert the Courses from the PhD courses list accessible from your ‘PhD
Study Plan’ page (from DEI, School, other PhD Programs)
 For any type of external course (including summer schools) select:
 Please note that formal approval of the course by the tutor is needed,
 All courses should have an evaluation, otherwise a public seminar on
the course must be given by the candidate
 The Minor Project (optional) can be reported in the yearly report
 Only the coordinator can delete courses (send formal request)
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
 Formalize choice of advisor and tutor (end December): e-mail to
[email protected]
 Choose courses and insert them in study plan in system
 Major title and abstract (mid February)
 Annual report (mid September)
 Annual exam (end Sept./beginning Oct.)
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Annual exams
 Admission to the following year in October
 First year: minimum 20 credits should be taken and research on major
should have a good start
 Second year: all courses must be completed
 3° year (August): Thesis draft to external reviewer
 End 3° year: Internal admission to the final exam
 Final exam (external examiners)
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Budget, PhD duration
 Each student has available 2400 euros in the triennium that can be
used for:
Travel expenditures, conferences
Books, computers, …
 Long sojourns are possible (up to 18 months). Scholarships are
increased 50%. Formal approval by Board of Professors requested.
 Additional funds for long travel/stays abroad may be available within
PhD School calls (for 2nd and 3rd year students).
 Other funding may come from the advisor’s funds, teaching...
 Max duration of PhD = 6 years (each year can be repeated once)
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Publications (2012) – average values per PhD student at the end
of the program
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Prof. Carlo Fiorini (Coordinator)
Prof. Andrea Bonarini (Comp.Science and Eng.)
Prof. Angelo Geraci (Electronics)
Prof. Carlo Piccardi (Sys.Control)
Prof. Andrea Monti Guarnieri (Telecommunications)
Standing committee
25 Professors of DEIB
Alippi, Amigoni, Baresi, Bascetta, Bellini, Bertuccio,
Bonarini, Ceri, Capone, Castelletti, D'Amico, Ferrigno,
Fiorini, Geraci, Giacomazzi, Ghezzi, Lanzi, Lovera,
Maffezzoni, Malucelli, Monti Guarnieri, Pernici,
Piccardi, Rech, Sciuto (see updated list in Jan 2014)
Nadia Prada (teaching)
Elena Cortiana (foreing students, international activities)
[email protected]
PhD students representative in the Department and in the PhD committee
Giorgio Dell’Erba
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Support for admnistration procedures
Secretariat of PhD Program
The secretariat is responsible for supporting the students and PhD Board in their
teaching, administration activities and formalization of procedures necessary
for the unrolling of the course and to obtaining the degree. It is located in the
building of DEIB, ground floor
Nadia Prada
Elena Cortiana
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
- teaching secretariat responsible
- PhD program administration
procedures, international students
and activities, external contacts
Support for admnistration procedures
Mission in Italy and abroad
In order to use doctoral funds for missions before leaving you have to ask for the
permission sending the request to [email protected] (and in CC to
[email protected] and to your Advisor) and wait for a reply.
Once you have obtained the permission to use doctoral funds, you have to fill in the
assignment form in your online (poliself) services page before living.
If you don’t use the doctoral funds: you have only to fill in the on-line form before living,
no permission email is required.
If you ask an advanced payment, remember to provide the documents/received related
to the expenses for which the advanced payment is request.
The persons in charge are:
Mauro Bandini (tel. 3407 – [email protected] )
Maddalena Frigerio (tel. 3430 – [email protected] )
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Support for admnistration procedures
Person in charge:
Marco Simoni (tel. 3632 – [email protected] )
procedure: fill the request of order for the purchase
Communication Office- Laura Brambilla
Update the Department website with your information:
send a short bio in Italian and english or English only
a photo
link to personal pages
send to [email protected]
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Support for admnistration procedures
PhD Program WEBsite:
The home page suggests all the detailed information about
the training and administrative procedures for the
registration and access to services of the DEIB.
You are our most valuable users of the web site, please do
not esitate to send us comments, suggestions on how to
improve the web site.
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
For more information
 www.deib.polimi.it
 http://dottoratoit.deib.polimi.it
 http://www.polimi.it/dottorato (PhD School)
 Do not be afraid to ask! (coordinator, PhD vice chairs,
professors, PhD students…)
 PhDEI Association
Prof. Carlo Fiorini
Prof. Carlo Fiorini

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