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is a very solid bank ranking amongst the 30 most important Italian Banks.
Banca delle Marche is active mainly in the Marche Region,
where it was born.
It is also present and it hopes to expand its influence in other areas of
Central Italy such as Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo, Umbria, Lazio .
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Banca delle Marche's objectives are:
• Confirm its position as promoter of the
region's economy and acquire a
leading role in Central Italy;
• Focus on the relationship with its
clientele, through multichannels and
quality care;
• Create value for the Marche region,
by supporting local initiatives;
• Be the reference Bank for SMEs,
which are the backbone of the
Region's economy.
Banca delle Marche was set up in 1994 and resulted from the
merger of Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro, di Macerata and di
Jesi, three savings banks counting each on more than 150
years of activity in their respective areas.
Ever since its foundation, the Bank has aimed at being the
main bank for the Region and to expand beyond its
In a period of dramatic changes in society, Banca delle
Marche grew, consolidated its role, took up new challenges
and supported not only economic initiatives but also cultural
and social events in the Marche region.
Banca delle Marche SpA is the parent company of Banca delle Marche
Group which includes Carilo, Cassa di Risparmio di Loreto spa located
in Loreto and a few tax collecting agencies, Marcheriscossioni S.p.A.,
Focus Gestioni S.G.R. S.p.A., and Banca delle Marche Gestione
Internazionale Lux S.A.
It made a special agreement with Commercial Union Life, belonging to
the big UK insurance company AVIVA: this enabled Banca delle
Marche to reinforce its leading role also in the bankinsurance sector, by
selling innovative products.
Some 33% of its share capital is in the hands of private individuals, who
own 245 million shares. Small shareholders are over 30.000, live in the
Region and are customers, which is a proof of their trust and
confidence in Banca delle Marche.
Banca delle Marche currently has 240 branches and a web
of Financial Promoters and Private Bankers in Marche,
Umbria, Emilia, Romagna, Lazio, Abruzzo, and over 2.400
employees, serving some 200.000 customers.
In spite of its present dimension, the Bank has always
maintained a close relationship with its territory: branches
are governed by four Regional Headquarters located in Jesi,
Macerata, Pesaro and Roma: this enables our branches to
understand and promptly meet our customers‘ requirements.
The Head Office of Banca delle Marche defines strategic
lines only and therefore has a limited number of staff.
New Private Banking Branches have recently been opened,
which guarantee customer-tailored solutions in a modern,
comfortable environment.
Banca delle Marche is today a
key player in the economic and
financial field of the Marche
region and of Central Italy as a
whole and has branches in
Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and
Emilia Romagna.It has more
than 240 branches, a network of
Financial Promoters and Private
Bankers and totally some 2.400
Good results are shown by its 2004
Annual Report.
Deposits amounted to 14.956
million euro and net profits went
almost 40 million euro.
Its loan activity is fully developing,
thanks to advanced projects and
high - quality products.
Total loans (including bad-anddoubtful loans) amounted to 9.222
million euro.
Banca delle Marche derives its success from its commitment both
towards its clientele and towards local society, sports and culture.
The Bank sponsors several teams (Lube Banca Marche Volley,
Ancona Calcio, Monte Schiavo BancaMarche A1 women volley, Vis
Pesaro soccer serie C) and the construction of the Sports Village in
As regards culture, the Bank publishes every year an arts volume,
sponsors the Rossini Opera Festival, the Macerata Opera Festival
at the Arena Sferisterio, the opera festival at the Pergolesi Theatre
in Jesi and other minor events.
The Banca delle Marche responds to its
clientele's needs by offering innovative products
and services designed for busy people, whether
at home or in the workplace.
Banca delle marche offers important service to:
The products and services that
target families are aimed to
respond to our clients' daily needs:
quick and easy use, transparent
conditions and fees, personalised
There are:
InBank is Banca delle Marche's remote bank for families, for
small businesses, for companies. Where you are you can
always access all the information on your checking account
and send your orders with freedom, more rapidly, and
practically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in total safety.
InBank, the new internet banking service designed for you
by Banca delle Marche, gives you all of this.
inBank Family - inBank Small Business - inBank Corporate
inBank Trading - inBank Public Institution
Banca delle Marche has introduced a service which is particularly appreciated
by its clientele, above all by theatre, music and sports lovers.
In fact, you can buy tickets for the most important sports, cultural and theatrical
events organised in the Marche region and surrounding areas, at all of the BdM
branch offices, and coming soon in internet.
This service is called BANCOTICKET.
The Bank also handles Ticket Advance Sales for the following Theatres and
Rossini Opera Festival - Arena Sferisterio di Macerata - Musicultura di Recanati –
Teatro Antico di Urbisaglia
and for the following sports events:
Lube Banca Marche Volley Macerata - Ancona calcio
The products and services designed for
companies have the goal of responding
to what our companies ask for on a daily
basis: a partner that will help them grow
in their production activity, with
personalised advice and financing, and
the availability of easy to use, quick
communications tools.
Fast. Simple. Safe. With BdM eCommerce you have all of its
experience in managing payment through the web at your fingertips.
Offer your products on the web, it helps you rapid, safe payment
With BdM eCommerce you can always count on a reliable partner
who knows how to help you expand your business on the web.
BdM eCommerce is a service that lets you shop through the web
with maximum simplicity and safety, without having to register.
Banca delle Marche wants to give you a tool which you can consult for the
answers to your questions.
What do I do if I lose my Pagobancomat or my Credit cards?
These, and many other questions are answered.
Today, getting information from the internet has become a necessity.
News, real time quotations, financial analyses, statistics, interesting
current events are available in abundance on the web.
The Banca delle Marche offers the following suggestions to rationally surf
the most interesting sites relating to finance, the media and large
Insurance companies - Brokers - Securities brokerage companies Istitutions Quotations and analysis - Euro - Virtual News stand - Universities - Utilities Zapping - Search Engines - Enviroment & C.
Names of
The aspect that, in my opinion is more interesting is the insurance companies.
There are many different insurance companies.
They are more important more than anything in on-line commerce.
In fact on- line commerce involves many risks both for the buyer and the seller.
Payments, such as in the case of The Best Raffaello, are usually made through
credit or debit cards. We don’t know if the card owner and the card older are the
same person.
In on-line transactions fraud is easier than in traditional trade.
Other problems that in internet trade we may have to face are: data privacy leaks,
cyber theft, viruses or hackers.
In these cases, an important role is joining by the insurance companies. They can
provide traders with a insurance policies that can coverage all of this risks.
The premiums of the policies is determinated by size of the company and by the
impact of e-business.
… Name of insurance companies
CGU plc - Commercial General Union
Gruppo Unipol
Royal Insurance
Cattolica Assicurazione
Generali Assicurazioni
Lloyd Adriatico
Prudential Vita Spa
Ras Assicurazioni
Sai Assicurazioni
Toro Assicurazioni
Winterthur Assicurazioni
Meie Assicurazioni
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
The Banca delle Marche constantly monitors the economic trend
and the evolution of the most important industrial sectors; the result
of this monitoring activity is a document containing a synthesis of
the economic situation, both at a national and regional level,
highlighting the economic trend.
The document is the result of a selection of information gathered
from the main local and national daily publications integrated with
information taken from specialised publications, publications from
statistical and economical research institutions and from the
consultation of Internet sites that specifically treat this subject.
The Best Raffaello has selected Banca delle Marche to provide a better client
The Best Raffaello is an enterprise dedicated to the traditional skill of pasta making.
Like Banca delle Marche is located in the region of the Marches, in the centre of
It began, two years ago but the expansion was very rapid. Today it exports pasta all
over the world.
For the payments of products that the Best Raffaello sells, it accepts payments by
major credit cards such as American Express, Visa.
As said above, to guarantee trust and confidence to its clients it has chosen Banca
delle Marche.
Further, to ensure safety the Best Raffaello uses the Verysign server Digital ID
With this system all the data exchange with the Best Raffaello are protected and they
can’t be seen by a third party.
This solutions of payment are not expensive; they are efficient , flexible and
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This is a presentation concerning Banca delle