1 Abbina le parole del riquadro alle descrizioni.
engineer factory worker hairdresser
mechanic nurse software developer
This person…
makes things in a factory. factory worker
1 writes new computer programs.
2 works in hospital, but is not a doctor.
3 repairs cars with problems.
4 cuts people’s hair.
5 builds and repairs machines.
2Scrivi delle frasi con la forma affermativa o
negativa di going to.
Lisa / not phone / me tonight
Lisa isn’t going to phone me tonight.
1 we / not come to the concert
2 Alex / visit / his aunt this weekend
3 they / not sing / at the school play
4 Melanie / have / a party
5 we / not get up / early on Sunday
6 I / buy / a new laptop
3Completa il dialogo. Scrivi domande e
risposte brevi con going to.
Are lots of people going to come (lots
of people / come) to Frankie’s party?
Megan Yes, they are. (✓).
(you / buy) him a
Megan 2
(✓). I’m going to buy him a
computer game.
I don’t know what to wear to the party.
(you / wear) your
short black dress?
Megan 4
Really? 5
(you / get)
something new then?
Megan 6
(✓). Mum’s going to take me
shopping later.
6 six
4663939 High Five TRB3.indd 6
Name Class Date 4Scegli uno dei due pronomi tra parentesi per
completare le frasi.
A pilot is a person who flies a plane.
(which / who)
1 Jake’s dad works in a factory
makes cars. (that / who)
2 This is the CD
I got for Christmas.
(who / which)
3 Manuel is a boy in my class
from Mexico. (who / which)
4 She’s the girl
won the music
competition. (which / that)
5 Matt goes to an expensive school
300 years old. (which / who)
5Cerchia l’alternativa corretta.
No, I don’t mind to help / helping you with
your homework.
1 Lucy loves playing / to play with the dog.
2 I hope finishing / to finish my work before
3 Jill would like to go / going to the beach.
4 Do you want to listen / listening to this CD?
5 We hate to cycle / cycling to school in the
6Abbina le domande del personale
dell’aeroporto alle risposte del passeggero.
Would you like a window or an aisle seat? b
1 Could I see your ticket and passport
or ID card, please?
2 Have you got any luggage to check in?
3 Here’s your boarding pass. You’re
boarding at gate E9.
4 Have you got any metal items in
your pockets?
5 Are you wearing a watch or a belt?
6 Have you got any liquids or a
laptop in your hand luggage?
a Thank you.
b I’d prefer a window seat, please.
c No liquids, but I’ve got a laptop in my bag.
d Just this belt. I’ll put it in the tray.
e Yes, I’ve got these keys.
f Yes of course. Here you are.
g Yes – a suitcase and a bag.
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