Il corpo figurato.
Artist’s books 1974 -2014
12 October 2014 – 31 January 2015
extended to 28 February
Collezione Maramotti, together with the exhibition Il corpo
figurato, presents a selection of artist's books – from the collection
of books and documents in its library – having the representation of
the body in common with the exhibition.
The artist being chosen have their works represented in the
Collection: Ceccobelli, Clemente, Cucchi, McDermott & McGough,
Ontani, Parmiggiani, Rabbia, from the Seventies to the present day.
In all these artists the notion of the body is central both in terms of
its presence through transformation and its absence-shadow where
paper replaces the canvas or the performance or the tableau vivant.
Almost all the books have been created to accompany exhibitions
held in galleries and historical institutions, and many have been
further enhanced through intervention by the artists' own hand.
Cucchi's primeval and archetypical figures go hand in hand with
Luisa Rabbia's plant-like heads, vessel-bodies as topos of rebirth
converse with pictorial art icons reinterpreted by Ontani; figures
from the past as existential provocation, presented and
reinterpreted by McDermott & McGough are placed side by side the
hermaphrodite bodies in transition between male and female in
their search for unity in Ceccobelli and Clemente, to move to figures
whose shadow is “the Blood of Light” and the body becomes the
dazzling vision of Parmiggiani's inner world.
Books on display
Bruno Ceccobelli, Paralleli, Roma, Edizioni Mauro Salvi, 1980
Francesco Clemente, White Shroud. Allen Ginsberg, Kunsthalle
Basel, Basel, 1984
Francesco Clemente Pinxit, London, Anthony d’Offay – Roma, Gian
Enzo Sperone, 1981
Enzo Cucchi Album: La Scimmia, New York, Sperone Westwater,
Enzo Cucchi, Uomini, Zürich, Bruno Bischofberger, 1988
Messers McDermott - McGough painters of pictures. Fine Art
Pictorial Guide of the Hudson River Valley, Napoli, Lucio Amelio
publisher, 1986
Luigi Ontani, Poesiae adulescentiae, Torino, Galleria LP 220, Franz
Paludetto Editore, 1974
Luigi Ontani, Acervus, Tübingen, Edition Dacic’, 1978
Luigi Ontani, L’Ombrofago, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel; Museum
Folkwang, Essen; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1980
Luigi Ontani, AmenHammerAmeno, Hammer Museum, Los
Angeles, 2011
Claudio Parmiggiani, Phisiognomoniae coelestis, Wald, Uno in due,
Ricomposizione con blu, Scuola Olandese: 1663/1936, text by Henry
Martin, Bolzano, Galleria E, 1974-1975
Claudio Parmiggiani, Carte nere. Disegni 1, Milano, Gabriele
Mazzotta 1990, introduction by Roland Recht and text by Claudio
Luisa Rabbia, Everyone, Roma, Eos Libri, 2014
12 October 2014 – 28 February 2015
The exhibition can be visited free of charge during the opening
hours of the permanent collection.
Thursday and Friday 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.30am – 6.30pm
Closed: 25-26 December, 1 and 6 January
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